(Chapters, Penticton Book Signing)

Finding Inner Me (F.I.M.)

Empowerment strategies for profound grief, loss, limbo, drugs/ addictions, or excess time.  Serving children, youth and young adults in a cultural setting. Also, applicable to others in need.

Benefits are immediate and for life-long coping if practised; learning to self-express in healthy ways, discovery of inner gifts promoting self-esteem and confidence, with the continuation of servitude to elders and the community. Virtues are integrated into the program.

Community Based Program—offered in small groups of up to 12

Empowerment facilitation for:

  • Youth and young adults
  • Young children ages 8-12
  • Elders and those soon-to-be—recipients of program benefits

Opportunity to explore new ways to:

  • Self-express in healthy ways
  • Promote inner growth
  • Provide community service
  • Kindle excitement and inner joy
  • Connect with Creator
  • Positively create weekends and school summer holidays


  • Immediate and life-long coping skills
  • Weekends during winter
  • Out-of-school summer program
  • Service orientation-Elders and community
  • Spirituality & Virtues 

Culturally appropriate supporting:

  • Individual, family, and community
  • Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social self
  • Resources within the community

Opportunity for young leader facilitators:

  • Weekly program continuation
  • Monthly on location F.I.M facilitator support
  • Phone/email F.I.M. program head on need-basis

On site follow up by F.I.M. facilitator according to community needs:


  • 10 week workshops winter weekends, summer program any day
          then once monthly- weekends
  • Available to community's liaison