It is time to meet Tivonna. . .

       Who is she?

               What is in her heart?

                       What does she pen?


Tivonna is pronounced Tih-vaan-ah. She loves nature and Her Spirit communes with it. For her that means solitude, the stillness, and listening to the quiet. With that comes most of her inspiration to write, but she says, “It’s more like taking dictation.” When inspired, or deeply touched within, “Something just flows and I can’t write fast enough.”

Tivonna is a single, retired nurse with advanced education in speciality areas; geriatrics, diabetes, psychiatry, home care, palliative and primary care. Part of her normal day was providing compassion, love, care and understanding to those suffering; comforting others in their own loss, grief, and coping in whatever form it presented.

Her first glimpse for love of poetry and rhythm began in school, remained dormant until much later, when life unexpectedly sent her a curve ball. Then struggling – to keep her head above the murky waters. This journal memoir with poetry, are her actual journalled outcomes, upon her return, from her Walks with God, that Divine, that Source, that Energy, that Light, in the hills and hollows of her now Beloved Valley.

Her love of the arts is also expressed in her music; piano, ukelele, djembe drum, and voice. Along with her oil painting, dance, home, and her gardens.

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