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Tivonna is a retired nurse with advanced education in specialty areas and author/ poet of


Living in the Valley: A journey back to self.


She is self-published, in partnership with FriesenPress, Victoria, BC. Book released 2016.


This is the first book in an upcoming series Living in the Valley. It is a journal memoir of profound grief, her process in moving forward, rediscovering her spirituality, and finding joy once again in her daily life.


She expresses the importance of surrounding oneself with a team of people “Earth Angels” to overcome grief and life's obstacles, along with developing one's gifted talents to assist while in the healing process.


Note: Page breaks and content designed for easy progressive read as able—even one page at a time.




Reading the prose led one onto a path of healing. The narration through poetry and a wonder of the natural surroundings described with heart is a book that I found enjoyable and sensitive. I would recommend it to women who are working on themselves as well as to counsellors.

            P Raphael – Syilx / Cree artist, Okanagan Traditional Territory


An artful and truthful book. A touching story told in poetry and prose of a woman’s successful struggle to regain her self-respect and dignity after a series of painful blows. I dealt with everyone’s pain and losses as a family physician for over 40 years. I wish I had this book to give to my patients as it would have assisted in their healing.

            Maitland McNeil M.D., Saskatchewan, Canada


Living in the Valley: A journey back to self by Tivonna is the broad landscape of the soul of a woman whose words have brought her spiritual healing from profound grief. Her prose and poetry juxtapose an inner and outer landscape with the changing perspective of low points and high points; quiet places and hollows that sustain new growth; and a flow of emotions that carve the valley like a river and then breaks free. Her work is inspirational and healing. It is a journey that has brought her peace and a flow of verse whose meaning extends far beyond her personal story to touch all of us.

            Patrick Hall, former Chair of the Saskatchewan Festival of Words


Living in the Valley a wonderful book of poems with prose of the author’s life experiences during a traumatic period of time. Beautifully written from the heart. A source of strength to persevere.

            Michelle Milford, Austin, Texas, poet, short story writer


 “In a world full of hurting and broken people, Tivonna’s story and her ever growing dependence on God, will inspire and challenge you to lean on God’s strength as you face your unexpected storms of life. Her journey of healing is reflected in the flow and rhythm of words and in the progression of her poetic style as her healing takes place.”    

Marilyn Danielson (ARCT), Saskatchewan, Canada



Tivonna is a single, retired nurse with advanced education in speciality areas; geriatrics, diabetes, psychiatry, home care, palliative and primary care. Part of her normal day was providing compassion, love, care and understanding to those suffering; comforting others in their own loss, grief, and coping in whatever form it presented. This is Tivonna’s first publication to show her “Spiritual Journey Back to Self,” her ongoing need to help others, utilizing her own personal experience.


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