The Raven Calls

O My Beloved . . .
          I am entranced by your spell,
          since your appearance
          made to me from great distance.
          Your spoken words touched my heart

Lessons I behold . . .
          even with a new season.
          I gaze upon you,
          as you drop your finery
          while gentle breezes stir you.

The Raven descends . . .
          his usual swooping greet,
          a shoulder he seeks,
          your attention he desires
          and your years of rooted strength.

My Love please heed him . . .
          His longed absences you sought,
          the void you have felt.
          His presence fuels your spirit,
          transference—to my essence.

Winter for a spell . . .
          taking that long needed rest,
          gaining energy
          to bring forth renewed beauty;
          expressing all that you are!