Pemphigus's Spell

Worlds within this world . . .  
our version of parallel,
East's neoplasms unfurl,
under Pemphigus's spell.

Colonizations . . .
Radicals and Delusions
of Grandeur with invasion,
bringing sanguine infusions.

Today's abattoir . . .
inhumane in its slaughter,
its helmiths forcing afar
on arterial waters.

Exponential fears . . .
displaced without basic needs,
bringing magnitude of tears,
some-body must take the lead.

Femoral allies . . .
their hope for life's sustenance,
placements now must be realized,
compassion its supplement.

Minute threads of Hope . . .
their remaining nutrient,
now intervening—the Pope,
some miracles to behold?

Aggressive treatment . . .
for supperative vesications,
full army strength recruitment
and likely divination.

Exposure and Light . . .
a penned Rx attacking hell,
a proactive plan for Rights
releasing Pemphigus's spell.