Memory Perennial Garden


1.  Collect thinned throw away perennial plants; family and close friends are best.
2.  Choose a sunny protective garden space, partial shade may work.
3.  Collect garden implements; hoe, spade, rake and watering container or hose. If none—improvise.
4.  Bring creativity, love of gardening and outdoors, frugality, patience, memories, and your hands.
5.  For those who love to get hands muddied—no gloves required.


Gardening rules can be broken; plant when received.  Using creativity decide on groupings or dispersing, height and growing patterns. Consider bloom times to create an ever-blooming summer garden.

Use implements to save your back and for digging holes.  To really get into it, get down on hands and knees.  With tender loving care, place that special memory plant in designated hole.  Give it a good drink of water.  Replace dug out soil, covering roots. Press with gentle firmness.
Keep something at your side to help you up if your body won't co-operate
Water frequently in mornings or evenings to prevent drying out.

Walk that well trod garden path throughout the summer. Check memory plants new growth.  Give it your love and attention as you did its giver.  Remember the good, bad, and sad times you have shared.  If deceased, a part of them will remain with you.  

Enjoy and share your eventual multiplied bounties with others.  May all those friendships, unique as each plant and its blossoms, continue to thrive—giving ongoing love, joy, peace and contentment.