Love's Return

I stand on the pier,
old and crumbling over time,
my prints embedded,
accumulating sand grains
as waves crash against the rocks.

A new day awaits!
Illuminated glory
no longer slumbers,
now peeking horizon's edge,
reflecting glist'ning waters.

Anticipation . . .
as wind stirs and waters swell,
sighting those distant sails,
now tattered beyond repair
from life's full-sail voyages.

Enhancing my gaze,
I leave my well-known pier,
a new direction . . .
trusting my whispering heart,
to find a new pier to wait.

In each unique way,
both weathered the elements,
commonalities . . .
Courage, Believing, and Trust,
following their heart's compass.

Love's beauty returns,
even with rusted anchor,
now docked in full view.
All sails taken down to float
in peaceful new calm waters.