Love Contemplations

In isolation I have lived,
                       protecting me from love's sorrows,
                       contemplating . . . what is true love,
                       while developing inner me.

Steep hills and valleys I have trod,
                      step-by-step in awed wonderment,
                      contemplating its creation,
                      yet learning teachings that it gives.

I recall being a young mom,
                      many emotions in its tests,
                      contemplating life-birthing pains,
                      now all dulled because of its joys.

Memories of family and friends,
                      whether old, new, or now passed,
                      contemplating nearness or loss,
                      their essence over-powers all.

I see news-clips of those displaced,
                      some with smiles and wondering why?
                      Together in supportive bands
                      with courage facing the unknown.

Romantic love is tempor'y,
                      regardless of its length of time,
                      taking us up the ladder's rungs,
                      while learning about selfless love.

That true love great teachers have spread,
                      creation learned or by others,
                      through selfless acts and by be-ing,
                      will last unconditionally.

Our unique gifts we develop,
                      becomes the ladder's brace for rungs,
                      supporting each phase that we now step
                      and that we can give to others.