Hjuki and Bil

Oh, those dubious hill climbs

Mani's full glow . . .
          emanates from the heavens,
          penetrating atmosphere's layers
          to those child-wondered hills.

Filled with his love . . .
          endless in time,
          watching his frolicking children
          in attempts to fetch life's waters.

Always shining with love . . .
          in their attempts,
          to climb that well-trodden path,
          yet they always seemed to tumble.

Helplessly watching . . .
          their trek uphill,
          he continued to light the way,
          knowing they missed that well again.

To intercede became his plan . . .
          to prevent further injuries,
          that earthly crown could take so much,
          along with multiple bruising.

Wisking them away . . .
          to fly in the heaven's with him,
          bringing them home again,
          and to find their life's water.