Heavens Decent

Gracefully and Gently
Floating from the Heavens,
Descends a miniscule illumined soft-white intricate
Featherlight orb, with radiating filaments of Light,
Leaving its Ethereal Womb of Light, no longer its Haven,
Travelling through infinity, where time is non existent,
Seeking to find Other Aspects of Itself,
Neither male nor female,
But also Light.

By its illuminated pulsating nucleus, its Beacon and Heart,
   Increasing its glow, emitting Hertzian waves,
While inserting found wispy illuminated
Aspects of Itself in its nucleus,
As it seeks its main counterpart,
Similar in shape, with cog-like
Filaments, to complete its union,
To create its dance of rolling over
And under, Willing its Pattern...

Magnetizing its find,
Creating a blinding Fusion of Light,
With increased energy, as it Becomes One!
Vibrating faster to almost the Speed of Light
To invisibility, unseen, except from its Original Source,
Its Beginnings in the Heavens, The Universe of Light.
Looking down, it observes its Dance of Illumination
As it Creates; New life, Love, a New World,
And Upon Death its Ascension.

Incomparable to any word, in any language,

The Concept of Love or Soul!