Flickering Flames

Entranced by your spell
             as your internal flame glows,
             fully protected
             within your rigid glass home,
             tantalizing my desires
             to soar to distant new worlds.

Distantly I watch,
             mesmerized by your spirit
             when lit with new life,
             turning dark nights into day
             and warmth to my chilled spirit.

Your aura of blue
             flickers in heated currents,
             desiring release
             to dance consuming passion,
             now felt in heat crescendos.

Released in dim light,
             you project your dark image,
             pirouetting lust
             in your tempestuous dance,
             reflecting your true essence.

Your moods oscillate
             when conditions entice you,
             peaceful when controlled,
             rage if neglect succumbs you,
             smouldering—when flames are snuffed