Washed upon the lake's shore,
gnarled driftwood looking wet,
showing wounds-of-time adrift.

Passionate love for craftsmen,
bringing out its beauty,
functional art it will be.

Picked up by a walker,
walking stick companion,
while manoeuvring terrain.

Dawg likes running and playing,
throw, run, fetch, and return,
wanting “good boy” with head pat.

Numerous lengthy pieces,
temporary shelter to build;
safety, shade, warmth, or home.

Sitting circular its' flames,    
pulled into hypnotic state,
calming effects absorbed.

Aromatic woodsy smell,
simple cottage, handy fuel,
chilly night's and breakfast morn.

Lighting indoor fireplace,
cozy atmosphere for all;
possible desire?

Looking at lake shore's driftwood,
never useless will it ever be, 
seen as purpose for one in need.