A Force Majeure

This morn is surreal
as I tread my well worn path.
A foreboding chills . . .
My spirit lags as my steps,
while hairs erect as soldiers.

Sitting myself down,
to greet my beloved friend
as the sun rises,
my retreat and my oneness,
setting the tone for my day.

I long for my love,
to be wrapped in calm comfort.
Today is off-beat . . .
as absence screams a no-show,
nor a rustle in presence.

Absence in ravens
calling and seeking shelter,
nor tail-balancers
with their incessant chatter,
or Aves in morning song.

Many marvelled you,
seeking your safe arm's stronghold,
or your canopied
shelter from the day's weather,
or meditative lessons.

Today you're absent!
Your towering strength now void.
A Force Majeure
severing you to your roots
. . .
yet will maintain your essence.

The rising sun warms,
drying silent tears of loss,
leaving gratitude
for gifted observations,
endowing enlightenment.