A Cold Winter Escape

Peering through glass veils
into a world of silence,
surreal in beauty,
achromatic with no hues,
contrasting darkness and light.

Its backdrop and props,
locked in dimension-of-time,
lifeless but with form,
imagination's wonder,
time is insignificant.

It's in those still props
against heaven's grey curtain,
a new world unfurls,
like shaking up a handheld
glass winter wonderland scene.

Displaced sea worlds merge,
tantalizing me inward
to frozen magic,
allowing Flight of Fancy
unfurling in the moment.

Sea Anemones,
Maiden's Hair and Kelp on Rock,
a slow turtle moves,
diff 'rent Corals—shape and size,
Lotus and Water Lilies.

My new world shakes up . . .
fluffy white snowflakes descend,
enhancing this scene,
exaggerating its forms,
illuminating my ocean world.

O my and O wow
with my occasional sigh,
as my inner self
responds to being present,
in my cold winter escape