In the Valley


 This 3 part journal memoire with poetry, is a personal account of Tivonna's journey back to self, where profound grief was the vehicle. She utilized spiritual healing, intuition, and a team of Earth Angels to heal her emotions, which also improved her physical health as a result.

She communed with the Divine, that Source, that Energy, that Oneness alone in her Walks with God, in the hills and hollows of her now Beloved Valley. To write poetically just happened upon her return. It became her healing balm, assisted in problem solving, and assisted in providing answers to questions she had. Tivonna took the words to heart and quickly learned to trust in them. Utilizing Virtues assisted in changing old programing, new attitudes, and to be her best.

Tapping into these aspects of herself, brought forth other inner gifts, both repressed and new, to assist her in her journey; empowering her.

This is Tivonna’s first publication to show her “Spiritual Journey Back to Self,” her ongoing need to help others, utilizing her own personal experience. (Published by Friesen Press, 2016)

Soft cover only. 

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